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10 Home Decorating Trends to Avoid

A home’s interior is a reflection of the people living in it. This holds true whether you’ve been in your residence for three years or three decades. Yet, when the time comes to sell, many homeowners have a difficult time separating their unique styles from what will actually appeal to buyers.

Here are some decorating trends to avoid before putting your home on the market.


Let’s say that you put up wallpaper in a bathroom soon after moving into your home. At the time, maybe you and your significant other had a thing for geometrics or bright patterns. Just know that buyers probably won’t find the wallpaper aesthetically pleasing. 

Tile countertops

Tile countertops were at the top of your wish list when you were updating your kitchen a number of years ago. You weren’t alone, as many homeowners saw tile as an affordable, attractive option. Fast forward to 2019 and buyers have their concerns with tile countertops, including the amount of maintenance required to keep them clean.

Brass fixtures

Gone are the days when buyers preferred homes with brass nickel fixtures. Those hoping to sell in 2020 and beyond should incorporate the mixed metal trends in their homes. HomeLight recommends going with matte black and two or three finishes at the most.

Bright paint colors

Just because you might be an expressive person doesn’t mean you should go overboard with your paint colors. Save yourself the headache down the road and steer clear from bright colors, metallic colors, and dated colors. It’s best to stick with “safe” colors such as soft white and gray hues. 

Too much cold white

Let’s continue discussing interior colors for a moment. If you wanted to create the look and feel of an ultramodern home, you may have gone a little too far with the all-white trend. The addition of warm textures and tones with accent pieces can help you change the mood of your space without breaking the bank on paint. Check out this article from if you’re looking for other ways to make your home more inviting. 

Outdated appliances

Take a look at your kitchen appliances. Even if you never had to replace that old white refrigerator or bright blue microwave, you can bet that a serious buyer will expect you to before closing. Maybe you’re wondering, “Is it really worth the time and money to replace my appliances?” The short answer is yes, as today’s buyers strongly prefer stainless steel or black stainless steel appliances, regardless of the age of the house.

Harsh lighting

You may have the most beautifully decorated house on the market. But it likely won’t matter if your home doesn’t have sufficient lighting. That’s why we suggest looking into indirect lighting, cabinet lighting, and recessed fixtures for your kitchen.

Wall-to-wall carpeting

Wall-to-wall carpeting used to be the norm in homes. Now, though, buyers favor laminate, vinyl, and hardwood flooring. Don’t have the budget to install new flooring throughout your home? Even getting rid of carpet in just a few areas can resonate with buyers.

Bold bathrooms

Bathroom upgrades yield some of the largest returns when it comes to home improvement projects. With that in mind, avoid doing too much and ending up wasting your money. Keep it simple and give your bathroom a revamped appearance with white towels, white accessories, and white shower curtains. 

An over-the-top statement door

Your front door can make or break a buyer’s opinion of your house before they step inside. It should be clean, fresh, and inviting all year long. If you’re wanting to make a statement with your front door, opt for buyer favorites such as greens, bright blues, and teals. A door that makes too much of a statement could be what keeps buyers away.

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