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When is the Best Time to Sell Your House?

Selling your home at the optimal time can lead to a smoother transaction and more money in your pocket. So, when is the best time to sell your house in Colorado? Let’s take a closer look.

It’s right now

We want to preface this section by mentioning that the current real estate market is anything but typical. Buyers are facing an incredibly low inventory of homes for sale and deciding on the fly whether they want to engage in a bidding war. Though the market continues to be a bit challenging for buyers to navigate, sellers are taking advantage.

June is usually the best month to sell a residence in the Centennial State. Per Clever Real Estate, “Colorado homes sold in June sell 10 days faster and for $12,167 more than the respective annual averages.” We can attribute part of the reasoning to warmer weather, more time off for adults, and greater flexibility with kids being out of school.

Home selling by season

Though seasonality probably won’t make or break your sale, it’s a big piece of the puzzle. So here are a few things to consider as you decide what time of year to list your home.

Selling a house in the spring

Spring is synonymous with buying a home. After a long winter of being cooped up inside, buyers view these months as a prime opportunity to move. Sellers benefit from warmer yet comfortable weather and motivated buyers who’d like to settle into a new place before the upcoming school year.

You’ll need to prepare your residence accordingly if you plan to sell in the spring. With the possibility of interested buyers and their agents entering your home in droves, you’ll need to make sure it looks its best. Take some time to improve your landscaping, make repairs, and clean your home inside and out before putting it on the market.

Selling a house in the summer

Think of the summer as an extension of the spring homebuying season. As we explained above, buyers often have more time to attend open houses and communicate with their agents. The only drawback is the heat, which forces sellers to limit their showings to mornings and evenings.

Selling a home in July or August can be less stressful when it comes to pricing. The surge of sales in and around your neighborhood during the spring gives you (and other buyers) an accurate, comparable price for your residence. You can then focus less on haggling with someone who’s not interested and more on reaching a fair agreement with the right buyer.

Selling a house in the fall

Most people don’t think about buying a house once the temperature drops and the leaves change. Families are typically busy with the new school year and everything that comes with it. On top of that, the holiday season is right around the corner at this point.

There’s quite a drop in real estate activity from summer to fall. However, since most transactions occur during the warmer months, sellers must decide whether to drop their asking price or hold off until the following spring. This is why it’s imperative to choose a knowledgeable agent who has your best interest in mind.

Selling a house in the winter

Winter is the slowest time of the year for home sales. People would rather be warm and cozy inside than head out to a bunch of showings. In turn, it may be smart to ask your agent about virtual showings and other creative ways to market your residence.

What happens if life throws you a curveball and you have no choice but to sell your house during the winter? In this case, you might benefit from lower inventory, and that buyers will likely notice your listing right away. That said, with the right buyer and some patience on your end, selling a home this time of year isn’t so bad. 

Sell when it makes sense for you

There are countless factors to consider when selling your home. But if you only take one piece of information from this article, it should be to sell on your terms. A homeowner is rarely able to start this process at the “perfect” time.

Assess your situation and make a sensible decision based on your household’s needs and future goals. Now is a great time to sell for those hoping to downsize and be done with home maintenance or yard work. There’s also the fact that home prices continue to skyrocket along the Front Range. 

Take advantage of the market

The Colorado housing market may never be this favorable again for sellers! Let American Home Agents guide you through the transaction and help you obtain the most money for your residence. Call (303) 695-5900.

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