As we write this article, Coloradans are bracing themselves for what could be a historical March snowstorm. The possibility of abundant moisture is welcome news in a state that remains plagued by drought conditions. Plus, think about how much your lawn will appreciate several feet of snow!

The reality is that we need all the help we can get from Mother Nature as it relates to lawn care. Between the drastic variance in temperature throughout the year and the lack of precipitation, our yards struggle to stay green and beautiful. But there are a few things you can do to prepare your lawn for warmer weather.

What is the best fertilizer for grass?

Home Depot tells us that fall and spring are the most important times of the year to fertilize your lawn. If you looked at the forecast earlier this week, you might have already put down fertilizer in anticipation of the storm. But for those who didn’t, here are several products worth considering.

Milogranite Garden Care Organic Fertilizer

Homeowners and golf course maintenance teams have relied on this particular fertilizer for over 100 years. According to Bob Villa, Milogranite Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer doesn’t require water in its application. That benefit, in addition to its gentle formula, makes it a popular fertilizer in Colorado.

Ringer Lawn Restore Fertilizer

Do you prefer a plant-based fertilizer for your lawn? Then the Ringer Lawn Restore product has to be at the top of your list. It’s environmentally-friendly and free of any unpleasant odors.

Scotts Green Max Fertilizer

The chances are that you’ve seen an advertisement or two for Scotts. This particular fertilizer of theirs promotes strong, thick grass your family love. Better yet, you likely won’t have to apply more for two months.

How should you approach mowing?

After you fertilize your lawn, you turn your attention to mowing. Keep in mind that the way and frequency in which you mow differs by season. The last thing you want to do is cut your grass in April as you would in August.

Here are some springtime mowing recommendations from The Denver Post and the Coloradoan:

  1. Perform a tune-up of your mower if you failed to do so in the fall. Sharpen the blades and change the filter and spark plug. Of course, use fresh gasoline and refer to the owner’s manual if you experience any difficulties.
  2. Ensure the ideal cutting height of your grass. Per the Coloradoan, “Bluegrass lawns in Colorado should be mowed to a height of 2½ inches in spring then allowed to grow to 3 or 3½ inches as the weather warms.” Avoid scalding the lawn at all costs.
  3. Bag the clippings the first few times you mow during the spring. You can then use the grass clippings for compost.
  4. Rabbits do a world of damage to Colorado lawns every year. Nip this issue in the bud as soon as possible by contacting a pest company specializing in deterring outdoor critters such as rabbits. Decoys and repellents are usually only temporary fixes.
  5. Stay ahead of weeds and crabgrass. That means spraying herbicide as early as April and regularly handpicking weeds. You won’t have much luck maintaining the perfect lawn if you wait until the summer to tackle your weed dilemma.

What’s the secret to watering the lawn?

Many Coloradans make the mistake of overwatering their lawn. Perhaps they’ve watched their once plush, green grass turn brown by the Fourth of July. And they’ll do everything in their power to prevent their lawn from burning up again.

Lawn care experts suggest a “less-is-more” approach to watering the yard. Granted, your lawn will certainly appear parched on a 90-degree day. But don’t assume it’s time to water the grass because of scorching heat.

Use the springtime as an opportunity to gauge the amount of moisture in your lawn. Head out to the yard the day after a storm or watering and note the soil’s dampness. Even if the surface of the grass looks dry, the ground is still wet.

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