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How to Clean a House Professionally

Admit it; there’s nothing better than knowing that your house is sparkly clean. Yet, very few of us have the time to scrub, sanitize, and organize our residence from top to bottom.

Here are a few home cleaning tips if you’d prefer to handle the task yourself.

Stock up on supplies

You need the right products for the job, regardless of the size of your home. Take an inventory of your cleaning supplies and determine which tools should be replaced. Now’s the time to say goodbye to old sponges, mops, and dusters. 

So what does a good cleaning caddy look like? Well, you certainly can’t go wrong with microfiber cloths, glass cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner. It’s also worth grabbing several pairs of latex gloves.

Dust away

Consider making dusting your first order of business. Go around the house and use your microfiber cloth to hit often forgotten areas such as the tops of doors, light fixtures, and fans. You’ll be surprised at how even an hour of dusting can lower allergens and improve the air quality in your home. 

Use baking soda for tougher messes

We all seem to have at least one spot on the kitchen counter or stove that won’t come clean. Your first thought may be to spray some all-purpose cleaner on the mess and scrub it away. But in many cases, this only makes the spot worse. tells us that baking soda is the perfect solution for stubborn messes in the kitchen. This is especially true if you have areas that have grease buildup. Sprinkle a small amount on a cloth and wipe down the spot — it’s that easy.

Give the bathrooms your full attention

No homeowner enjoys cleaning their bathrooms. After all, you can probably think of countless things you’d rather do than getting rid of soap scum in the shower and clean toilets. But did you know that there’s a lot more to deep cleaning a bathroom than these tasks?

Here’s a fun (or not so fun) fact: your toothbrush holder is the third germiest area in your home. Make it a point to clean it, as well as all faucets. Remember to account for these spots more frequently as you clean your bathrooms moving forward.

Vacuum with a purpose

You won’t be doing much good by rushing through your vacuuming. Give yourself plenty of time to go over all the floors in the house, switching attachments when necessary. If you want to notice a difference, you’ll go the extra mile and vacuum the stairs and upholstered furniture.

Properly treat the floors

Use this as an opportunity to sweep, mop, and treat the floors (in that order). Once you’re ready to mop, Molly Maid suggests starting at the farthest corner of the room before heading back toward the entrance. Be sure to rinse the mop every so often.

Freshen up the bedrooms

Most homeowners will tell you that they spend most of their cleaning time in their kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. Why not give that same level of attention to the bedrooms in your house? You want your family to be comfortable and get a great night’s sleep, so it’s essential to keep these areas clean.

Your primary focus here should be washing pillows and sheets. Keep in mind that regular cleaning of linens helps eliminate allergens and germs. Other bedroom cleaning tips include wiping down baseboards, ceiling fans, and other surfaces.

Add some final touches

You’re in the home stretch! Do a quick double-check of the house and see if you missed any dusty surfaces or dirty spots on the carpet. Once you’re satisfied, place some candles in the home’s highest-traffic rooms — usually the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. 

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For buyers and sellers alike, a clean house goes a long way. If you’re trying to speed up the process as a seller, we recommend hiring a cleaning service. The same holds for those interested in selling their home without a realtor.

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