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Ways to Safely Host Thanksgiving During COVID-19

COVID-19 cases are starting to rise at an alarming rate once again in Colorado and throughout the U.S. Unfortunately, that means the holiday season will be like no other. But it’s still possible to celebrate Thanksgiving at home with loved ones.

Here are a few things to consider as you prepare to host Turkey Day this year.

The fewer the guests, the better

Governor Jared Polis is asking Coloradans to limit interactions with anyone outside of one’s home for the rest of November. The recommendation doesn’t come as a surprise once we account for the multiple “Safer at Home” orders now in place throughout the metro area. In any case, families should avoid inviting extended family, friends, and neighbors for Thanksgiving.

What if you have a lot of people living at your house? Should you plan a dinner where everyone is seated at the same table? Frankly, it depends on several factors, including the behaviors of attendees prior to the gathering, as well as the ability to reduce contact between attendees.

Look into what the CDC has to say about virus spread risk at holiday celebrations.

Be extra careful for the next few weeks

Just because you might be scaling back your Thanksgiving plans doesn’t mean you can relax your safety measures. Now’s the time for you and other household members to quarantine for two weeks. This is especially important if you or anyone else in your home are continuing to travel to work.

Something else to watch out for is any illness in your residence. If someone feels under the weather at all, they should remain in a certain part of the house until symptoms improve. You would much rather take a cautious approach than risk your entire family contracting the virus.

Don’t rule out an outdoor dinner

Those who are new to the state will be happy to know that we have our fair share of warm days in late fall. Believe it or not, Coloradans have enjoyed plenty of 60- and 70-degree Thanksgivings. Such a mild holiday isn’t out of the question when you remember that 2020 has been our hottest year on record.

Let’s say the opposite happens, though, and we experience freezing temperatures and snow on Turkey Day. Put your family members at ease by opening windows and cracking several doors. Doing so just takes a few minutes and can increase ventilation throughout the living area.

Celebrate with others virtually

A virtual dinner is the safest way to connect with friends and family on Thanksgiving. Granted, it will feel different not packing into one car and going to grandma’s house. But you actually might be able to see more people on Zoom or Facetime than you would during a “normal” Thanksgiving.

One idea for your virtual dinner: enjoy the same family traditions. For example, you can still go around the room and ask everyone what they’re grateful for. 

Clean, clean, clean

There’s a decent chance that your house is overdue for a deep cleaning. So what does a deep cleaning entail? Well, Martha Stewart suggests giving extra attention to high-touch surfaces such as countertops, doorknobs, toilet lids, and faucets.

It’s also a good idea to wipe down these surfaces throughout the day. Remind attendees to be aware of cleanliness and to wash their hands frequently, especially after using the bathroom or handling food. Lastly, place hand sanitizer in common areas.

Opt for disposable tableware

This probably isn’t the year to use your fine china. In order to guard against the virus most effectively, use disposables instead. Paper plates, napkins, single-use utensils — you get the picture.

Would you prefer not to make your own Thanksgiving dinner? Then consider ordering a pre-packaged meal from a local restaurant. It’s just one more way to limit your household’s exposure risk to the virus.

Relax and enjoy the holiday

Coloradans have dealt with a lot of stress this year. The pandemic, wildfires, and a heated election season left many of us wondering when things would improve. In a way, experts view the holidays as a much-needed break for everyone.

Sure, it might be strange not having a house full of extended family or out-of-town friends. But hopefully you have the opportunity to catch up with a few loved ones in-person and more virtually.

Who knows? Perhaps you’ll realize this holiday season that you could use a larger home. At American Home Agents, our team is passionate about helping our clients achieve their home buying goals.

Give us a call at (303) 695-5900 or pre-qualify for a mortgage today.

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