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Home Organization Hacks for Every Room

The new year provides countless opportunities for self-improvement, such as eating healthier or improving one’s financial situation. Now think about how much better you would feel if your home was more organized. The following organization tips allow you and your family to make the most of every room, regardless of your home’s size.

Straighten up the bathroom

Not sure where certain things are in your bathroom at the moment? Just a few tweaks can help you turn this room into one you’ll be proud to show off to guests. Here are some tips for organizing bathrooms, as referenced from HGTV:

Add creative towel storage

A small towel rack often gives families trouble in the bathroom. Instead of trying to figure out whose towel is whose, make things easier on everyone by adding hooks. Though it seems overly simple, your bathroom floor will remain dry and you’ll gain valuable space.

Ditch the shower caddy

Tired of feeling cramped and uncomfortable in your own shower? Then it may be time to think of an alternative for your shower caddy. You’ll be amazed at how downsizing to a suction shelf or corner caddie frees up so much room.

Control the clutter

We’re willing to bet that combs, hairdryers, curlers, and sprays are mostly responsible for the clutter in your bathroom. Rather than have these products out in the open, place them in a plastic tub for under the sink. It’s also a good idea to only keep the supplies you use on a regular basis.

Maximize your kitchen

Your kitchen is where you prepare meals and your family congregates. Though it may seem like a tall task, you can easily organize this high-traffic room. Here are some tips for making it happen.

Get a grip on the plastic containers

Perhaps your plastic containers are taking up too much space in your pantry. HGTV suggests stacking them by size and using dividers to store tops for easy use. You should also use this time to throw away any containers that are stained or cracked.

Clean out the fridge

An organized kitchen starts with a clean fridge. If you can’t remember the last time you thoroughly wiped down this appliance, now is probably a good time to do so. You can then situate foods by type, with your family’s most frequently used items in the front.

Use all shelves and drawers

Give yourself more counter space by storing appliances in pull-out shelves or deep drawers. This works for air fryers, blenders, juicers, toasters, and pretty much any other kitchen tool you may have. Keep in mind, some appliances can be taken apart for easier storage.

Declutter your living room

Think back to when your family actually spent time in the living room. Sure, it might seem like an overlooked space now. But the following tips can help you turn your living room into the gathering space it should be.

Consider a file cabinet

Stacks of mail and books on a coffee table will make any living room appear out of sorts. Something as simple as a two-drawer file is all you need to ensure this space remains clear of paper piles. Just know that it takes a conscious effort to keep flat surfaces clear, even after you do it the first time.

Create a game area

For many families, the living room is also the game room. Unfortunately, certain board games can leave a space in disarray. HGTV recommends designating a separate space for them, whether in a bookcase, shelving unit, or somewhere else.  

Use space behind the sofa

If you have a smaller living room, you’ll want to utilize every nook and cranny if possible. Check behind your sofa to see if there’s any additional space for storing extra pillows or blankets. This also makes a good spot for a low bookcase.

Find your dream home

As you can see, putting just a few home organization tips into practice can make a big difference. This is especially true for homeowners who may not have a ton of room to work with in the first place.

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