Denver continues to be a hot real estate market with many new residents coming in daily. This, of course, makes an already competitive market even more challenging — prices can drive upwards during home buying season and you can find yourself in bidding wars. Yet, it’s not always this way. Not all properties get scooped up the day they list. In fact, some homes sit on the market for months. Why is that? Why do some homes sit longer even though many are comparably priced?

According to HomeLight, your preferred architectural style may dictate how long a home may be on the market. That’s right, in Denver, the style of a house drastically changes the way it sells. But don’t let “days on the market” stop you from touring or making an offer on the home you desire. 

Here are a few things to know about popular Denver home styles, where you can find them, and what you can expect during the home search process.

Denver tudors and bungalows

If you’re looking for a Denver home style that offers you an attractive resale value, then consider a tudor or bungalow. Tudors have a distinct look and feel including a steeply pitched roof, front-facing triangular gables, and a brick exterior with decorative half-timbering. Bungalows, on the other hand, are either one-story or two-story homes with dormer windows built into sloping roofs. Many Denver bungalows are 100 years old and highly sought after because of their hardwood floors, exposed wood beams, and gorgeous fireplaces. 

Keep in mind these are fast selling and in-demand, so it’s extremely important to know your budget and to have mortgage pre-approval before you tour a home and make an offer. You’ll be up against some stiff competition.

You’ll find tudors and bungalows concentrated in the Wash Park, Crestmoor, and Park Hill neighborhoods.

Victorian-style homes

Prefer living in Five Points, Capitol Hill, or the Highlands? Then hopefully you like Victorian-style homes — known for their asymmetry, decorative trim, wraparound porches, fish-tail shingles, and massive bay windows. Victorian homes have smaller rooms and less closet space than most modern homes. Be sure to have a thorough home inspection before purchasing a Victorian-style home as some may have wiring issues, lead paint, and asbestos.

Traditional and contemporary homes

Traditional and contemporary homes in Denver are often the most affordable. You’ll find traditional homes scattered throughout the city, but closer to the outer edges than center city simply because of their larger lot sizes. These architecture styles also tend to sit on the market longer, averaging anywhere from 104 and 123 days before being sold.

Denver new construction homes

As the Denver real estate market continues to boom, many new construction developments are growing in nearby suburbs. Think Aurora, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Parker, Stapleton, Thornton, and even out near Denver International Airport. With new construction homes, you can choose a more modern and personalized design while enjoying a sense of community that goes along with master planned communities. This is the home style that offers the highest standard of quality and cost-saving efficiencies, as long as you have a budget that’s at a minimum of the mid-to-high 400s to spend.

The above are only a few options you have for home styles in Denver. No matter your preference, your American Home Agent can help you through the entire home buying process. This includes connecting you with a salary-based mortgage consultant so you can have mortgage pre-approval before home shopping. 

If you’re ready to move or become a homeowner for the first time, give us a call at (303) 695-5900. We’re ready to show you properties that are within your budget, so you’re able to find your home sweet home.