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Tips for Writing a Personal Letter to a Home Seller

We’ve certainly seen our fair share of weirdness in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic, a contested presidential election, countless wildfires — it all adds up to a year most of us wish to forget. But there is one thing that hasn’t changed: Colorado remains a top destination for home buyers.

So how are first-time buyers, in particular, supposed to land their dream residence in such a competitive environment? It usually starts by choosing the right real estate agent. Savvy realtors understand what it takes to win over a seller, even in a multiple-offer scenario.

You might assume that the only way to stand out from other buyers is to offer the most money. While it can help your case, there’s a chance the seller will consider other factors before making a decision. This is where writing a personal letter to a home seller comes into play.

As we’ll explain later in the article, many sellers want to know what made you fall in love with their home. Perhaps they would rather sell their home to a young couple hoping to start a family than a real estate investor.

Keep in mind that this letter should come from the heart and not a template you find online. Spend some time figuring out how to create a personal connection with the seller. This letter really could put your offer at the top and allow you to buy your forever home.

Here are a few tips for writing a thoughtful, convincing letter to a home seller.

Be complimentary

Even if a seller only spent a few years in their home, they probably poured everything into it. Maybe they upgraded the kitchen or redid the landscaping soon after moving in at first. Feel free to compliment them and note specific details of what attracted you to their property.

Just remember that it is possible to over-compliment a seller. Your best bet is to mention what you appreciate about the house in a few sentences and then move on with the rest of the letter. Instead of writing a love letter to the house, compose a message that wins the seller’s heart.

Tell them about yourself (and your family)

A seller wants to be reassured that their home will be enjoyed and taken care of for years to come. That said, they might not like the idea of doing business with an investor whose sole objective is to rent out the property. Use the next section of your letter to describe yourself, your family, and your future goals.

Let’s say you and your significant other hope to grow your family in the near future. It wouldn’t hurt to say in your letter that you can see your little ones playing in the yard or decorating the living room during the holidays. This is also the time to say how much you love the neighborhood and that the house would bring you closer to certain family members.

Leave out your home improvement plans

It’s common for buyers to make changes to a home shortly after moving in. This could mean knocking down a wall in the kitchen to create a more open living area. On the other hand, you may want to transform the unused basement into a space for your hobbies.

Though it seems reasonable to include such renovation plans in your letter, they could send the wrong message to the seller. Be mindful of their feelings and come back to any home improvement plans once you complete the transaction. 

Keep it concise

You may struggle to keep this letter short. The reality, though, is that the seller is likely experiencing a number of emotions as they part ways with the place they called home. Don’t expect them to sift through page upon page of your life story.

An aspiring buyer should aim for a page-long letter. This length allows you to touch on the key points we’ve mentioned while also being a little creative. Of course, have someone you trust edit the piece before you mail it.

Let our agents go to work for you

At American Home Agents, we know that buying a house in Colorado these days can be incredibly stressful. Do first-time buyers really stand a chance against experienced buyers and investors? What you can possibly do to make a more appealing offer?

If you’ve been asking yourself either of these questions, get in touch with one of our real estate agents. We’ve put together a knowledgeable team that’s had immeasurable success helping Colorado residents get into homes of their own. And we’d love to be along for the ride as you achieve your home buying goals, too.

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