Moving to Colorado From Florida: Is it the Right Choice?

Have you been considering trading in your flip-flops and the beaches of Florida for a parka and the mountains of Colorado? Colorado has so much to offer with outdoor activities galore, a booming economy, craft beer and breweries around every corner, thriving cities, and great job opportunities. The Centennial state has even been referred to as “The Best Place to Live in America” by the likes of U.S. News and World Report in recent years.

While you may already be accustomed to plenty of sunshine, get ready for even more because Colorado receives around 300 days of sunshine a year. The climate of the Centennial state is a significant factor that appeals to many out-of-staters. One thing is certain, don’t get rid of your sunscreen; you’ll need it more than ever in the high altitudes of Colorado.


Ideal climate

You will, of course, need to brace yourself for much colder winters and the snow that accompanies them, but also be ready for hotter summer weather than you may have originally anticipated. The average summer temperatures sit around 88°F to 96°F but feel much cooler than the same temperatures in Florida due to less humidity. Hot and dry conditions are just part of the diverse set of climates you will find in Colorado.

Not only do you get to experience all four of the seasons, but Colorado is also home to semi-arid, humid subtropical, cold desert, tundra, and subarctic climate variations depending on where in the state you find yourself. These climates differ across the state because of the varying levels of elevation, precipitation, and ecosystems. As a result of these differences, you should be prepared to experience a wide variety of weather conditions in Colorado.



Colorado is known for its scenic beauty, where residents have access to a plethora of activities. It doesn’t get much better than Colorado for those who consider themselves outdoor enthusiasts. Even if you are a city dweller, you will still have gorgeous views of the mountains almost everywhere you turn. Even enjoy views of the Rockies available even from high-rise vantage points.

Coming from Florida, you may be new to winter sports like skiing or snowboarding. But don’t let that keep you from enjoying some of Colorado’s most popular sports. If you’re not much of a winter sports fan, that’s okay too! In the warmer months, enjoy the endless array of hiking and biking trails. Or even try your hand at camping in one of the 42 state parks within the state. 

Because of easy access to sports and activities, it’s no wonder that Colorado is considered to be one of the healthiest and fittest states. But even if you are not an outdoorsy individual, the cities of Colorado have plenty to offer in the way of museums, bars, concerts, restaurants, and shops. Denver, in particular, has so much to offer its residents when it comes to culture, excursions, and vibrant nightlife.


Is it cheaper to live in Florida or Colorado?

Florida is around 12% cheaper to live in than Colorado. The higher cost of living and a booming population in Colorado has been a defining feature of the last decade. This mass migration is partially due to the increasing job opportunities in fields like technology, industry, and the military. As a result, cities like Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs have seen a dramatic increase in population. 

The exponential growth in Colorado’s population is a direct reflection of the flourishing economy. Regardless of the high cost of living, people continue to flock to the state. This is because there are many new opportunities for employment in industries like tech startups, hospitality, healthcare, and education. This goes to show that people are often willing to pay more for less in exchange for the opportunity to improve their quality of life. 

Work, life, and balance are more achievable here. The mountains are close enough that those who work within the city limits can easily enjoy them on days off. The opportunity to grow your career while simultaneously investing in things that bring you joy is one reason many choose to relocate to Colorado. 


Why is Colorado so expensive?

As a result of the population boom, home values have continued to skyrocket, even during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Colorado now mirrors New York’s concentration of wealthy individuals living in the state. One out of every eighteen households in Colorado are millionaires. Colorado is fast becoming a state with the highest level of wealth disparity. 

As a result of this disparity, lower-income individuals are getting priced out of homeownership opportunities. Part of this is because the wealthy subset is beating out a lot of first-time buyers through the increasingly common practice of making all-cash offers. Additionally, many poorer neighborhoods are pushing long-time residents out. This is happening in order to gentrify and build more luxury homes. Therefore, shifting the focus to cater to the demands of the most competitive segment in the housing market. 


Food for thought

If considering a move to Colorado, we recommend that you make a list of pros and cons in addition to a checklist with factors to consider before you start the process. But when you’re ready to look into housing options, remember to assess what you can afford first. For example, are you looking to buy a starter home or a forever home?

Our team of American Home Agents is ready to help you with your home search and provide you with tips on how to acclimate best to your new Colorado home. As Colorado residents themselves, our agents will be able to answer any questions you may have about the state. Some may even be able to share their own Colorado transplant stories and support you in this exciting endeavor. 


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